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Tips on working with Adobe Acrobat PDF documents

All reports and publications on this site are made available in PDF format, a web standard for file sharing. To read and print these documents, you'll first need to visit Adobe.com and download the free Acrobat Reader software, if you don't already have it (see your computer support personnel for help). Once you have it on your computer, the tips below will have you viewing, printing, and saving these documents like a pro!
When you open a PDF document in your web browser window, you'll see a menu bar that looks something like this:

This bar contains all the controls for the PDF document. The most important features are outlined below:

To print the document, click the print button.
To save the document to your computer, click the diskette button and choose a location from the window that pops up.
To move through the document, click these buttons to move back and forth one page, or to jump to the first or last page of the document.
To select text in a document, click the text-select button and then select text from the document. You can then copy & paste the text as you would with any other program.
To scroll the document, click on the it and drag while holding down your mouse button. If it doesn't work, make sure the hand tool is selected.
There are three ways to zoom the document in & out:
You can click these buttons to have the document display at actual size, to fit the whole page in the window, or to fit the width of the document in the window.
To zoom in on the document, first select the zoom tool then click on the area of the map you want to zoom in on. If you click & hold on the zoom button on the menu bar, a menu will pop up that will allow you to select a zoom-out tool.
You can also zoom in & out by choosing a zoom level from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the window.
To find text in the document, click the binoculars button.

Acrobat controls © Adobe Systems Incorporated.
All information on this site is copyright © 2001 Missouri Insurance Coalition.